Vision & Professional Team

Passionate and committed team with dedication to master the biggest market challenges. Our team of energetic and enthusiastic personnel is a mix of professionals from technical and creative fields who lead LUMI and its clients towards success and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Smart Technology

At LUMI, we make it our aim to provide solutions - be it an intelligent and innovative hospitality platform developer
Our approaches are classified into two broad areas:-
• Solutions
• Services
With integrated property management system, A.I driven platform and sustainable design, we convert business ideas into workable technology solutions enabling cost-effective, a quick go-to-market, streamline and automate processes.

Concierge & Hospitality Management

An innovative hospitality management company that provides hassle free service to property investors at major cities in Malaysia.

The Concept

in Latin – light of life.

light – the focal point and center of attention in any place, a building, a city, a universe (i.e. a chandelier, a lamp post, the sun).

it is the focus, it brings dreams and hope to a person/space.


The design of the typeface is inspired and customised  from the handles of the chandelier. the lines are carefully  shaped to illustrate a classic and sleek look.

taking inspiration from the wireframe of a chandelier.

what brings light and is life?

The Sun – which planets gravitates around.  It is the center and focal point.
It brings light and warmth.
It symbolises the beginning of day, the break of dawn.
in a building, what is the central attraction?

The Chandelier – the centrepiece of a space.  through exquisite craftsmanship to curate a one of a kind experience for those that walk in.  it is chic, modern, flamboyant.